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Why Deed Restrictions Matter...

The Clear Lake Forest Board of Directors has recognized that we have some work to do with regard to our deed restrictions, maintenance guidelines and the requisite enforcement.  To that end, we are beginning a campaign to educate and remind residents as to the expectations associated with deed restrictions and maintenance guidelines.

Why Deed Restrictions Matter

Deed restrictions and maintenance guidelines are designed to maintain and enhance the overall quality and value of a community or neighborhood.  By imposing certain limitations on property usage, architecture, landscaping, and more, deed restrictions benefit all residents by:

• Maintaining and enhancing the quality and value of a community

• Preserving the aesthetic appeal and character of a neighborhood

• Protecting property owners’ investments

• Promoting a sense of community and neighborly relations

• Encouraging a sense of pride amongst homeowners

Anybody who has bought a home in CLF should have been given a copy of the deed restrictions at their closing; for those that either didn’t receive copies of these documents or haven’t read them, they are posted on our website for your review.  And, whether you believe these restrictions are too directive or they are too lenient, they are binding and enforceable under state law.  Bottom line:  when you bought your home in CLF, you accepted and agreed to maintain your property under the conditions of the deed restrictions and maintenance guidelines.

Here's the CLF Exterior Maintenance Guidelines for your review; this document as well as specific deed restrictions for your section can be found on our website under:

                  Residents        Document Library        Deeds and Restrictions

All improvements on a lot must be maintained in a state of good repair and shall not be allowed to deteriorate.  For the purpose of clarity the word “promptly” used herein shall mean within 30 days or a time specified by written approval from the Board.  Repairs shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. All painted surfaces must be clean and smooth with no bare areas or peeling paint, and all surfaces must be free of mildew.

  2. All rotted and damaged wood must be replaced, and any damaged brickwork repaired.  Missing or damaged trim and/or shutters must be promptly replaced, repaired or removed.

  3. Gutters must be kept in good repair slash working order, free of trash with no sags or visible dips.

  4. Roofs must be maintained in good repair with no missing, curling or visibly loose slash damaged shingles.

  5. All glass surfaces must be whole. Temporary repair including but not limited to wood, cardboard or any form of tape must be promptly replaced. Aluminum foil and/or any reflective surfaces are not permitted.

  6. Garage doors must be undamaged and in good repair.

  7. Any property barrier (fences and gates) must be kept in good repair.  Property barrier damage as a result of natural disaster must be repaired or replaced promptly.

  8. Driveways and curbs must be kept clean and reasonably free of damage. Sidewalks must be kept clean and unobstructed. All seams must be kept free of weeds.

  9. Lawn care must coincide with Taylor Lake Village (TLV) ordinance standards. It must be kept mowed, edged, and weed free. Flower beds slash gardens must be kept free of weeds. Shrubs and trees must be kept trimmed. Walkways must be kept free of organic obstruction (tree limb or plant overgrowth). Dead shrubbery and trees must be promptly removed.

  10. There shall be no storage of clutter or debris in public view or outside of a property barrier or frontage setback. Trash containers and or other debris must be kept out of public view except within a 32 hour duration of garbage collection.

  11. There shall be no storage of building, construction or commercial equipment in public view unless approved in advance by the board slash TLV permit and must be promptly removed.

  12. There shall be no parking or storage of trailers or vehicles of any kind on the front lawn or on walkways. Trailers or vehicles which are untitled or untagged or excessive in length must be kept out of public view, concealed behind a conspicuous property barrier and behind a property frontage setback.

  13. Mailboxes and mailbox stands must be maintained in functional condition and good repair.

  14. Window air conditioners which are visible to the public are not permitted.

  15. Holiday decorations may be installed no earlier than 35 days prior to the holiday and removed no later than 15 days after the holiday. Decorations which are a safety hazard or risk potential damage to adjacent property will not be permitted. For decorations incorporating music or sound effects, sound must be kept at a level that does not offend or become a nuisance to other residents and are not permitted during the hours of 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

  16.  All flags and flagpoles must be maintained in good condition. Deteriorated flags must be removed and promptly replaced. Deteriorated or structurally unsafe flag poles must be promptly repaired, replaced or removed.

  17. All solar energy devices require advanced written approval of the board and are subject to Texas State code guidelines and must be maintained in good repair. Unused or inoperable devices must be removed within 30 days of being taken out of service or damaged.

  18. All television or Internet satellite devices must be kept out of public view, and are subject to FCC regulations and must be operational and in good repair. Unused or inoperable devices must be removed within 30 days of being taken out of service or damaged.

Deed restrictions aren’t meant to be overbearing or punitive; they were implemented to maintain a certain standard of living, protect our property values, and to create a cohesive neighborhood environment.  They are designed to preserve the aesthetics and character of the community, ensure peaceful living, and address any potential conflicts or nuisances.

Finally, anybody interested in working with the deed restriction committee please email me at




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As a CLF resident for 27 years I can appreciate the HOA and its enforcement of deed restrictions. With the current economy and daily inflation I would like to propose a helping hand for those in need in our community. Could we start a "Community Chest" fund? Perhaps taking $10 from yearly dues or add an additional voluntary $10 to the payment. Perhaps the local scout troop could help with service projects or the high school students needing community service hours. or local contractors looking for some "free advertising" What do you think? Yard work seems to be a major need.

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