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Trash Collection Information


Ameriwaste (281) 331-8400   Pasadena (731) 475-7884

Trash Pickup: Clear Lake Forest on Tuesday and Friday

  • AmeriWaste serves as the City's waste collection and disposal company. 

  • Backdoor service for household garbage is provided twice a week on Tuesday & Friday.

       The city of Taylor Lake Village pays extra for the convenience of backdoor trash pickup service. This            is to keep our streets more appealing and benefits homeowners with disabilities. Please take                        advantage of this! To guarantee your household garbage is picked up, it needs to be visible

        from the curb so that the trash men can see it.

  • Friday is recycling trash pickup.

  • To have bulk waste (organic or other) picked up, it must be scheduled with

       AmeriWaste  at 281-331-8400 prior to placing items on the curb.

Useful Contact Information

CLF Tennis Courts

Contact: Gamayu Frankfort

CLF FINS Swim Team

Contact: Katie Frausto

Fins Facebook

CLF Women's Club

Contact: Melody Van Etten

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Boy Scouts 

Contact: John Serow  Committee Chair

832-744-8527 or




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