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  • Who owns Baronridge Park? Is it a public park? Does the City of Pasadena help to pay for the park?
    There's lots of misinformation about who owns Baronridge Park, if it's public or private, and if the City of Pasadena in any way pays for the park. Here are some bullet points to help clear up any confusion. Baronridge Park is a privately owned park, owned by Clear Lake Forest, and is intended for the exclusive use of Clear Lake Forest residents. It is located within the City of Pasadena. That said, it is still a private park. Park maintenance and upkeep is the responsibility of the CLFCA, and our assessment funds pay for that as well as the other amenities we enjoy in Clear Lake Forest. Part of the Clear Lake Forest neighborhood is located in Pasadena. Pasadena does neighborhood grant funding; we qualify for grant money similar to other Pasadena neighborhoods. The benefit to Pasadena is they get to count the park as green space. We work with the city to secure grant money, which is a funds-matching program. Since we a part of the funds matching program, we qualify for up to 3 projects per year; for each project we can receive up to $7500. The way we receive the $7500, is by spending $15,000. The grant matches us, dollar for dollar, up to a combined $15,000 total. The only way we benefit from the grant is if we spend money on it. This grant money has been used for Clear Lake Forest projects such as the floating dock, repaving the tennis court, entryway light installation, tree trimming at our entryways and the kiddie cush at Baronridge Park.
  • Where can I find the CLFCA general meeting minutes or financial documents?
    With your members access, go to RESIDENTS then click Documents Library.
  • How do I report a street light outage?
    Click Here to report with Centerpoint.
  • What is the contact to borrow the pickleball equipment to use at the pickleball courts?
    Email :
  • How does bulk garbage or debris pickup work in CLF?
    All bulk waste must be scheduled with AmeriWaste: 281-331-8400 for a Tuesday pickup and must be authorized prior to placing items at curb.
  • Is Clear Lake Forest in Taylor Lake Village or Seabrook?
    Most of Clear Lake Forest is physically located in Taylor Lake Village. Since there is no Taylor Lake Village post office, the Seabrook post office provides us mail service. You can receive your mail addressed to either Taylor Lake Village or Seabrook, TX. Our full 9-digit ZIP code for Taylor Lake Village is 77586-5106.
  • When is trash pickup?
    Tuesdays and Fridays are backdoor trash pickup. Tuesday is heavy trash day and Friday is trash and recycle.
  • What is the amount of HOA dues?
    Assessment Amendment vote for 2023 passed and the accountant has been updating each account for invoicing. The invoices were mailed out October 5, 2023 and due November 15, 2023.
  • How do I report a deed violation?
    With your members access, go to RESIDENTS and then Resources and Programs.
  • When are HOA dues due?
    After the 2023 assessment increase passed, the accountant has been updating each account with the correct amount. Invoices were mailed out on October 5, 2023 and are due by November 15, 2023. There are four methods to pay your assessments outlined on the home page of the website.
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