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Architectural Review Committee

If you are planning a home project, don't forget to file an Architectural Control Committee Request for Change Form.

The project permitting will be delayed by The City of Taylor Lake Village Permitting Office, if this form and supporting documentation has not been submitted and approved by Clear Lake Forest Community Association (ACC).

There are two (2) available options for the applicant to submit the Architectural Control Committee Request for Change Form. 

Option 1Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Request Form

This option allows the applicant to print the form, manually complete and sign. The form with all supporting documentation must then be submitted to or may be mailed to Clear Lake Forest Community Association, Inc.  P.O. Box 580083 Houston, TX 77258

Option 2Automated Online Change Request FormClick to begin!! 

This option allows the applicant to complete the form and upload all supporting documentation from their computer or mobile device.

When naming your PDF files or photos prior to their upload to the application:


Keep the name as short as possible and don't use any special characters (-, @, !, ", :, ?, etc.). This will help aide in uploading your files. 

We listed a few quick tips below to help guide you through the Automated Online Change Request Form Process. 

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