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Happy New Year CLF Neighbors!

I have seen so many first-hand examples of our residents coming together to better our neighborhood; the first thing that comes to mind was the assessment increase effort led by Lindsey Sleeper, where MANY of you gave your time and braved the sweltering heat to reach that common goal.  It was really cool to see and experience the increased energy level in CLF.

Several residents have already signed up to volunteer for special projects and general tasks; many others have expressed an interest in volunteering their time by offering to help with specific tasks.  Our Facebook page always has posts where people are offering help, albeit informally.  We would like to create a contact list of people willing to donate whatever time they can toward helping others, and post it in the resident’s section of our website.  Examples of suggested volunteer opportunities could be:

  • Assisting our senior residents with various tasks like shopping, providing transportation or yard work.

  • Resource sharing system for neighbors to share tools or equipment or knowledge.

  • Lend a Hand – assistance with moving furniture, light home repairs, occasional yard work, etc.

  • Regularly scheduled welfare checks for people living alone.

  • Community Clean-Ups (Pool area, Park and Tennis Court area, etc.)

  • New Neighbor Welcome

If you are interested, please use this link to volunteer, or please submit comments if you have other suggestions for improvement.


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