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New Website Coming Soon:

With a New Year comes new things...Your new 2022 CLCFA has a great desire to improve communication to and from you: All CLF residents.  With this in mind we understand and share the frustration with the static nature of this website.  However, please bear with us as we anxiously await the coming of a new (interactive) CLF website featuring the return of detailed monthly meeting notes posted before and after CLFCA meetings, timely information posting to & from residents and weekly notices about news or resident activities and accomplishments which affect/impact/shape our CLF community.  We know this sounds like a lot and we hope to deliver just that - a lot more. Fingers crossed for a resolution we are working hard to keep.


A Message about Mold:

Houston we have a problem: we had a record 18 days above 80 in December 2021 and with THAT we have a record number of concerns about mold on our homes and fences.  With this in mind, the CLFCA is working to offer a solution to this concern... Good news is a warm winter day is the best time to remedy this & there are four local (family-owned) pressure washing entities around CLF.  Many have been active here in CLF as recently as the week of Dec. 20th.  SO, we are seeking feedback from all residents who could  provide "service ratings".  We will inquire from your offered local providers if they could offer a bulk discount for residents who SCHEDULE treatment by Feb. 15 and mention a code we will advertise here. Weather scheduling will be factored!  While we cannot recommend any one service provider over another, we can advertise any discounted offer to you from a list recommended from you: CLF residents. SO if you have had a good experience or bad, please let us know by sending an FYI email to [email protected]  AND look back here after Jan. 15 for a post about this.  In the meantime, here is a do-it-yourself (mostly eco-friendly) option: Get yourself a 3 gallon garden sprayer.  Add 1 gallon of bleach; fill an additional 1 3/4 gallons of water; then add either 1 cup of tide or 2/3 cup of Oxy clean to the sprayer and QUICKLY cap the sprayer (pressurizing it by twisting shut).  You really need to be prepared to act quickly to cap the sprayer after you add the detergent as it will immediately react with the bleach.  Next, you spray ANY area with mold growing.  Wait 15 minutes or more and the mold residue will detach and run to the ground.  Then you can simply hose the surface to dissipate the bleach solution for safe ground absorption.  NOTE from TC: I have used this mixture for over 30 years over hydrangeas, rose bushes and the most sensitive of vascular plants.  As long as you water the area after treatment, it doesn't normally harm organic matter (caveat JIC: maybe cover any Durantis (yellow leaf shrub).  If the first treatment doesn't do it, then repeat until the mold releases.  This should prevent mold re-growth for at least 10 months on any full or partially sun exposed surfaces.  Good Luck!


A Message about CLF Driveways:

Please understand there is unclear or "Subjective" info regarding which and when CLF driveway apron replacements will resume from TLV.  If you call the CLFCA all we can tell you is Armand Barbe has stated "it will continue in 2022".  We recommend you email him directly with reports of sidewlk or excessive driveway apron disrepair. The CLFCA does not know when or what addresses will be selected other than TLV  has stated they hope to replace all damaged concrete along TLV streets ASAP.  Also on topic is the subject of egress appearance: Organic growth or "Weed/ limb over-growth" in/along or from areas occupied by concrete paths must be maintained by the property owner!  Hanging limbs as well as tall weeds can obstruct the view of any damage (raised concrete) creating a trip hazard for anyone attempting to traverse these paths along your property.  Likewise, it really does affect community appearance when passerbys see a driveway littered with weeds or building material debris. Thank you so much for your attention and consideration for your community! 


Baronridge Park Notice:

You may have noticed or should note upon reading this...there are some repairs ongoing at our Baronridge community park!  Please note: while there may not be clear signage posted, use of Baronridge park located at 1005 Baronridge Dr, is absolutely: "at each individual's own personal risk!"  No guarantee of safety or equipment condition is expressed, implied or stated regarding personal safety along with use of any park amenity. If an area seems to be under construction or in disrepair it should be considered as prohibited space and not used. With that, The CLFCA is currently working to repair the Kayak launch with assistance of the City of Pasadena.  In addition, the CLFCA hopes to soon address the aging condition of our playspace equipment.  Residents: PLEASE provide personal adult supervision for anyone under the age of 18 visiting or possibly unfamiliar with how a youth can safely utilize any park amenity according to each supervising adult's own judgement.  This is not a statement from concern, rather a friendly reminder that all CLF residents are responsible for use and care of our community space.  Sometimes it takes a village...  THANK YOU.



We still hope to formulate a Blog reply to the many questions asked at CLFCA meetings so that residents may learn what's the hot topics on the minds of our neighbors.

Look to the Blog link soon for these posted Q & A.


Want to be a part of what happens in CLF?

We really need volunteers to assist in the many weekly tasks of the CLFCA. If you have any special skill set or maybe have one or more days each week or even once a month where you can offer some skill toward community service,  please let us know: Contact TC: [email protected]


FAQ: What  approval is required in CLF for home modifications?

All exterior updates/changes or modifications require submission of (ACC Request form).  Some changes require TLV City Permits.


ALL HOMEOWNERS! Assessments for 2021/2022 were due July 31, 2021.  The 2022/2023 $300 CLF assessment will be due July 31, 2022

Late fees accrue: $25/mth.

Make payments: PO Box 580083 Houston, TX 77258 or Drop Box at Pool  

 Online at: Officialpayments.com

Credit card or online e-payments can be made at: Officialpayments.com  (system allows for maximum $300 payment.  Larger amounts to include the $25/mth late fee which is due will require more than one payment).

Failure to receive your invoice does not eliminate the requirement for timely payment.  Late fees apply $25/mth after Aug. 01 annually



Click here to: Report Streetlight outages


Clear Lake Forest Community Association (CLFCA) MONTHLY MEETINGS

Regular Board meetings are the 4th Tuesday each month (except within seven days of a Holiday).

Location: Taylor Lake Village City Hall, 500 Kirby Blvd, Taylor Lake Village, TX 77586 @ 7:00 P.M. 

Signs will be posted at each of our Clear Lake Forest entryways on Friday, before each meeting.



Nestled within Taylor Lake Village is the beautiful and welcoming neighborhood of Clear Lake Forest. From it’s diverse wildlife to it’s gorgeous waterfront views, there is something for everyone here. In Clear Lake Forest, we have plenty to offer. Clear Lake Forest is best known for:

  • The neighborhood women’s club: "yard of the Month"; Halloween & Christmas Display contests, volunteer outreach
  • The neighborhood pool complex with 3 pools and two enthusiastic swim teams for ages 4-18
  • Seasonal events including our 4th of July, Halloween & Christmas Elf bicycle parades, a pool kickoff, an Easter egg hunt, a mid-winter Polar Bear Dare and more!
  • A community building avail for resident reservation.
  • A waterfront park with dock, kayak launch and mutilple ballfield and payground ammenities.
  • Close-knit, hometown feel, caring community

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