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Monthly Board Meeting:
Thank you to those who attended the May meeting and the many who participated, sharing their thoughts, ideas and positions. We also want to thank the even greater number of homeowners, many of whom were not able to attend, who have shared input over the past few months in a professional and respectful manner.  We appreciate your input and support for CLFCA.   To those who attempted to join remotely, our apologies - a technology challenge this time, which we hope to correct before our next meeting to allow for both live and live streamed participation.
2020 ELECTION CANDIDATES:  The candidates for the 2020 CLFCA board in alphabetical order are: Joaquin Alayola, Caleb Howard, Karen Jones, Leland Norris, Mike Robertson (currently VP) and Margaret Sample (currently Treasurer)


POOL OPENING 2020:  the CLFCA pool complex is scheduled to open June 15th.  We ask that homeowners and residents take personal responsibility for social distancing while at the pool and also that you bring your towels, blankets or portable seating and water or juice with you for the 2020 season due to Covid-19 concerns. (As always, NO GLASS is permitted). We will not have the pool chairs/lounges or water fountain available this year with you and your family's safety in mind.  Hand sanitizer will be available and more frequent cleanings of the restrooms will occur.  We will also,sadly, find it necessary to forego our traditional pool kickoff party to avoid the large crowds that often brings. Let's safely enjoy the summer at our CLFCA pool!

BARONRIDGE PARK park equipment is re opened for neighborhood use, but please be aware that the equipment is not sanitized immediately after each use.  Bring your own hand sanitizers and use them after touching any equipment in the park. We encourage everyone to be smart, use good judgement and recognize that the Covid 19 virus is still present and we do NOT want to see a spike in cases!   

ELECTION DELAY: With input from homeowners, the CLF Board of Trustees, as previously announced,  has moved the election date forward to June 16th, 2020. 



Nestled within Taylor Lake Village is the beautiful and welcoming neighborhood of Clear Lake Forest. From it’s diverse wildlife to it’s gorgeous waterfront views, there is something for everyone here. In Clear Lake Forest, we have plenty to offer. Clear Lake Forest is best known for:

  • The neighborhood women’s club
  • The neighborhood pool complex with 3 pools and an enthusiastic swim team for ages 4-18
  • Various seasonal events including our 4th of July bicycle parade, a pool kickoff, an Easter egg hunt, a mid-winter Polar Bear Dare and more!
  • Close-knit community

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