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Welcome CLF neighbors!

WE NEED YOU ~ Please act now to help your neighbors!

The CLFCA is seeking all residtents with some construction knowledge (professional or novice) to volunteer to serve on the 2021 CLFCA Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  The purpose of this committe is to assist CLF residents navigate the process of repair/renovation and new construction modification requests in CLF.  Note: Taylor Lake Village (TLV) requires all residents in CLF to submit for ACC approval prior to issuing a new TLV building permit.  Texas requires that an HOA ACC be comprised of only resident volunteers as of Nov. 01, 2021. It is the goal of the CLFCA to have an independent committe of CLF residents who can review any new exterior modification request for compliance to CLF aesthetics and TLV ordinances. Likewise, a goal of the ACC is to further educate residents about CLF permitting process/requirements.  The CLFCA ACC will submit all considered resident requests for Board Approval at each monthly executive meeting at the end of each month.  Please note, Texas requires an ACC be responsive within a 30 day period and the HOA to be responsive within 30 days after receiving an approval request. Thus, any request might take up to 60 days to approve. Residents should plan accordingly.

Current ACC candidate Deadline: 5pm; Monday, Oct. 25, 2021

Please email or write your name, address and a brief discreption of your construction experience on a paper and either send to [email protected] or drop your submission off at the CLFCA Pool Complex drop box (to the right of the main pool entry gate). 

FAQ: What  approval is required in CLF for home modifications?

All exterior updates/changes or modifications require submission of (ACC Request form).  Some changes require TLV City Permits.


CLFCA is reviewing for updates and clarifications to exterior guidelines to answer a number of homeowner questions. However, three matters of interest, are addressed by TX Code and are for CLF Homeowners' reference (not written by CLF).  

 Tx Property Code Items as follows:

Sec. 202.010 Solar Energy Devices

Sec. 202.012 Flag Display

and the TX Election Code Item

Sec. 259.001 Political Sign Display

We share this with homeowners to remove concerns and issues that may be raised amongst and between neighbors with differing opinions or views.  

There are many more sections for your reading pleasure but these are the items of interest that have been brought to our attention over the past year.

Your feedback is greatly desired. Please look to the 2021 DCCR "Clarifications" to review the pending amendment of this "clarifications" language.

If you have a suggestion or maybe some personal example to provide for consideration before the CLFCA approves action to adopt these clarifications, please send an email to [email protected]



ALL HOMEOWNERS! Assessments for 2021/2022 were due July 31, 2021.

Late fees now accrue: $25/mth.

Make payments: PO Box 580083 Houston, TX 77258 or Drop Box at Pool  

 Online at: Officialpayments.com

Credit card or online e-payments can be made at: Officialpayments.com  (system allows for maximum $300 payment.  Larger amounts to include the $25/mth late fee which is due will require more than one payment).

Failure to receive your invoice does not eliminate the requirement for timely payment.  Late fees now apply $25/mth



Click here to: Report Streetlight outages


Clear Lake Forest Community Association (CLFCA) MONTHLY MEETINGS

Regular Board meetings are the 4th Tuesday each month.

Location: Taylor Lake Village City Hall, 500 Kirby Blvd, Taylor Lake Village, TX 77586 @ 7:00 P.M. 

Signs will be posted at each of our Clear Lake Forest entryways on Friday, before each meeting.



Nestled within Taylor Lake Village is the beautiful and welcoming neighborhood of Clear Lake Forest. From it’s diverse wildlife to it’s gorgeous waterfront views, there is something for everyone here. In Clear Lake Forest, we have plenty to offer. Clear Lake Forest is best known for:

  • The neighborhood women’s club: "yard of the Month"; Halloween & Christmas Display contests, volunteer outreach
  • The neighborhood pool complex with 3 pools and two enthusiastic swim teams for ages 4-18
  • Seasonal events including our 4th of July & Halloween bicycle parades, a pool kickoff, an Easter egg hunt, a mid-winter Polar Bear Dare and more!
  • A community building avail for resident reservation.
  • A waterfront park with dock, kayak launch and mutilple ballfield and payground ammenities.
  • Close-knit, hometown feel, caring community

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