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Welcome CLF neighbors!

A special thank you/shout out to residents (Glitter Team): Mandy Atkins and the Kearn Family

Mary Atkins, Taylor and Lee Kearn aka the CLF "Glitter Team" worked hard after Thanksgiving to clean, repair, repaint & create new Holiday decor for all of the CLF entryways and fencing and new Live Christmas Tree at the pool.  The holiday decorations were installed on Dec. 01 and will remain through Jan. 9 for everyone to enjoy.  Everyone is invited to come out on Monday Dec.6th at 6:30pm for the 1st annual CLF tree lighting. Now we can come home to a festive Clear Lake Forest. 


CLF to support Nasa Heritage ~ Dec. 11-12 & 18-19

Clear Lake Forest Residents are encouraged to support BSA Troop 952 in a non-religious affiliated fundraiser for the "Man's First Flight Around The Moon ~ Light The Way Home"  annual event.  On the evening of Dec. 24, 1968 Clear Lake Forest and El Lago residents Frank Borman, James Lovel Jr. and William Anders were orbiting into the dark side of the moon towards an area closest to the US.  There were elec. safety concerns related to capsule temperature changes as they emerged into this darkness.  TLV residents banded together to light every driveway with candlelit luminaries just in case any need arose to visually find bearing for Mission Control.  Now, 53 years later as the International Space Station orbits 250 miles above CLF during the week of Dec. 20, 2021 astronauts will be looking out the window for Clear Lake Area coordinates to see if they can pinpoint Mission Control.  Show your support for this tradition and our Clear Lake Forest Scout Troop 952.  This year there are only six scouts in troop 952. They hope to sell a record 20 luminaries per 800 homes here in CLF.  Cost for 20 luminaries includes sand, white coated bags and candles for $10. 100% of the profits from this fundraiser will go toward their participation in a calvary camp in July 2022.  Any remaining funds will go to community-related improvement projects.  For more info contact: [email protected] or call: 832-280-1515


We will be formulating a Blog reply to the many questions asked at the last CLFCA meeting so that residents may learn what's the hot topics on the minds of our neighbors.

Look to the Blog link above soon for these posted Q & A.


New ARC & Deed Restriction committes have been created

FAQ: What  approval is required in CLF for home modifications?

All exterior updates/changes or modifications require submission of (ACC Request form).  Some changes require TLV City Permits.


CLFCA is reviewing for updates and clarifications to exterior guidelines to answer a number of homeowner questions. However, three matters of interest, are addressed by TX Code and are for CLF Homeowners' reference (not written by CLF).  

 Tx Property Code Items as follows:

Sec. 202.010 Solar Energy Devices

Sec. 202.012 Flag Display

and the TX Election Code Item

Sec. 259.001 Political Sign Display

We share this with homeowners to remove concerns and issues that may be raised amongst and between neighbors with differing opinions or views.  

There are many more sections for your reading pleasure but these are the items of interest that have been brought to our attention over the past year.

Final CLFCA review of the DCCR "Clarifications"

now going to Legal Counsel for adoption

Your feedback is greatly desired. Please look to the 2021 DCCR "Clarifications" to see the deed restriction "clarifications" language.



ALL HOMEOWNERS! Assessments for 2021/2022 were due July 31, 2021.

Late fees now accrue: $25/mth.

Make payments: PO Box 580083 Houston, TX 77258 or Drop Box at Pool  

 Online at: Officialpayments.com

Credit card or online e-payments can be made at: Officialpayments.com  (system allows for maximum $300 payment.  Larger amounts to include the $25/mth late fee which is due will require more than one payment).

Failure to receive your invoice does not eliminate the requirement for timely payment.  Late fees now apply $25/mth



Click here to: Report Streetlight outages


Clear Lake Forest Community Association (CLFCA) MONTHLY MEETINGS

Regular Board meetings are the 4th Tuesday each month.

Location: Taylor Lake Village City Hall, 500 Kirby Blvd, Taylor Lake Village, TX 77586 @ 7:00 P.M. 

Signs will be posted at each of our Clear Lake Forest entryways on Friday, before each meeting.



Nestled within Taylor Lake Village is the beautiful and welcoming neighborhood of Clear Lake Forest. From it’s diverse wildlife to it’s gorgeous waterfront views, there is something for everyone here. In Clear Lake Forest, we have plenty to offer. Clear Lake Forest is best known for:

  • The neighborhood women’s club: "yard of the Month"; Halloween & Christmas Display contests, volunteer outreach
  • The neighborhood pool complex with 3 pools and two enthusiastic swim teams for ages 4-18
  • Seasonal events including our 4th of July & Halloween bicycle parades, a pool kickoff, an Easter egg hunt, a mid-winter Polar Bear Dare and more!
  • A community building avail for resident reservation.
  • A waterfront park with dock, kayak launch and mutilple ballfield and payground ammenities.
  • Close-knit, hometown feel, caring community

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