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Clear Lake Forest
Scout Hut Reservation


  • All groups are expected to clean up after their event and leave the facility in condition for immediate use by the next renter.  That includes, but is not limited to, sweeping/vacuuming, wiping off tables, removal of trash and  turning off all lights .

  • The Scout Hut is a smoke free facility--no smoking inside of the building.

  • All trash must be removed from property and Baronridge Park.

  • A $100 fine will be charged for an unlocked door.

  • No decoration or other materials may be applied to walls, ceilings or floors that will damage these surfaces. Remove all decorations before leaving.


Scout Hut Rules

  • An online application is required for all Scout Hut Rental usage.  (Renter must be at least 21 years old.)

  • Clear Lake Forest Community Association will assume no liability or responsibility for any personal items or equipment of the individual or group used on CLFCA property.

  • No driving to the Scout Hut on grass or sidewalks. You are responsible for all persons including caterers, etc.  A minimum $100 fine will be assessed for anyone driving on grass or sidewalk to the Scout Hut.

  • Renter agrees to take full responsibility for any guests in and around the Scout Hut and pier and will pay for any damages done to the Scout Hut or surrounding area.

  • No animals allowed in the Scout Hut.

  • At least one chaperone 21 years or older must be present per 10 guests at youth or teen parties, and name of chaperone listed on application.


Clear Lake Forest
Scout Hut Reservation



The Clear Lake Forest Community Building (Scout Hut) is open for reservationl by CLF residents only for private events.  Reservations are made online.  A four hour reservation may be scheduled online.  The reservation time includes setup and clean up by the person renting the facility.

Access:  Once booking is confirmed you will be contacted by Gamayu Frankfort for information about accessing the facility.

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