Backdoor service for household

garbage is provided twice a week on Tuesday & Friday.

To guarantee your household garbage is picked

up, it needs to be visible from the curb by your backdoor, so that

the trash men can see it.

Bulk waste/debris pickup must be scheduled prior to placing at the curb.

Ameriwaste  (281-331-8400) 

Bobcats and Coyotes in Clear Lake Forest?

Aside from being a quaint, older neighborhood in the coastal area of Southeast Houston, Clear Lake Forest is situated in the center of a unique combination of ecosystems that unfortunately is rapidly diminishing. Adjacent to the largest urban wildland in the United States, Armand Bayou Nature Center, and an ever-increasing human population, interactions between humans and wildlife are expected to rise. A term used by wildlife biologists and professionals for these interactions is known as the human-wildlife interface. Recently, there have been concerns of coyotes and bobcats wondering the streets of our neighborhood so my personal goal with this article is assist our neighbors in differentiating domestic dogs and cats with coyotes and bobcats, respectively, as well as some tips to ensure the safety of residents and their beloved pets.  READ MORE...

Pickleball Anyone?
There are four USAPA regulation size pickleball courts at Baronridge Park! CLF residents have access to all of the equipment needed to play by emailing:

Winter 2022 Fun Things in the Forest

Update:  2nd Annual CLF Tree Lighting Event at the CLF Pool Wednesday, Nov. 30th on Forest Lake @ 7:00 pm.  If there is a rain out will try for Dec. 1st instead.


Soon to come:  Keep your eyes open for Troop 952!  The local Boy Scout troop will be out soon selling the annual luminaries.  Please help support them in Lighting up the Forest!


CLF Annual Open House Holiday Party is on Friday, Dec. 2nd hosted by the CLF Women's Club.  It's a festive occasion with a cause.  Tickets are $20/ person with proceeds benefiting local Robinson families.  You can drop off cash, check or venmo @melissa-bittick to purchase a ticket.


Time to start preparing your bodies for the plunge...The Polar Bear Plunge!

The annual CLF Polar Bear Dare is just around the corner.  More info to come later.