Backdoor service for household

garbage is provided twice a week on Tuesday & Friday.

To guarantee your household garbage is picked

up, it needs to be visible from the curb by your backdoor, so that

the trash men can see it.

Bulk waste/debris pickup must be scheduled prior to placing at the curb.

Ameriwaste  (281-331-8400) 


You may have noticed that there are some repairs ongoing at our Baronridge community park!  Please note: while there may not be clear signage posted, use of Baronridge park located at 1005 Baronridge Dr, is absolutely: "at each individual's own personal risk!"  No guarantee of safety or equipment condition is expressed, implied or stated regarding personal safety along with use of any park amenity. If an area seems to be under construction or in disrepair it should be considered as prohibited space and not used. READ MORE....