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Community Building Information Request and Booking

The Clear Lake Forest Community Association (CLFCA) agrees to lease (reserve) the use of the CLF Scout Hut for the purpose of a CLF resident hosted or scouting related private function at NO cost for said use.  However, the CLF resident (Tenant) requesting the temporary lease (reservation) of the Scout Hut agrees to accept the property in its present state of cleanliness. They agree to return the property in the same condition or better or pay a minimum $50 cleaning fee to cover CLFCA effort to clean the Scout Hut immediately following the agreed upon Tenant reservation timeslot.  If after an inspection of the Scout Hut immediately following the reserved function, the CLFCA notifies Tenant of additional need to clean up the building or surrounding property, and the Tenant neglects to do so within 48 hrs, the CLFCA may assess a charge to the Tenant’s CLF account for the actual amount charged to the CLFCA for any professional cleaning fee.

Thanks for submitting!

Submit or call: CLFCA at 281-532- 3447

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